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BITPAIRS was founded in 2014 with basic and clear objectives from the very beginning, we believe that a smart usage of a cutting edge technology with the cutting edge information by experienced mentor will place you ahead of the new market trends to fulfill your targets.
We are thriving to offer the best trading experience in Bitcoin. Therefore, our incomparable 24/7 support team will help any kind of new investors without an E-Wallets, to set their brand new ones at ease along with their trading account.
Mobile friendly

Wherever you are, you can take with you your account and investment portfolio, through your mobile phone. Keep an eye on the markets and easily place trades at any time, no matter where you are. You also get access to unique analytics and price notifications.


Our Platform

You are our top priority from the first call, to achieving your goals.
Use our advanced trading platform and tools to control your account and get access to features that will make you profitable - you can freely use instruments such as Stop Loss, Free Notifications and Negative Balance Protection.
  • Take advantage of our predefined strategies to start your own investment plans.
  • Enjoy the benefits of a high-level trading experience, based on reliability and outstanding performance.
  • Keep an eye on important events in the markets to help you speculate potential price movements at any time.
You can earn profits with our advanced trading platform from anywhere in the world, anytime. Get the freedom you need and trade the world's major digital crypto-currencies from the comfort of your home, directly from your mobile phone. Our platform provides you with great performance, flexibility and the speed you need in order to be successful.
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