How to make money with Bitcoin ?



How BitPairs can make you money with Crypto-Currencies Trading?

Our team of market analyst here at BitPairs will help you diversify your portfolio by designing a personalized strategy to help you stay on track with your goals. We’ll provide you with the guidance and support to help you choose from a wide array of investment options and savings products which will be customized uniquely for you. One of the keys to successful investing is to have a plan. Setting the right investment goals can go a long way to developing one that works for you. Being able to point to a specific reason for investing can help you set the right goals, and can provide you with a way to stay motivated as you move forward. If you are creating an income portfolio with the help of Quarterly dividend, chances are that you will be able to see significant income in the first 12 months. Before you invest in any asset, you should understand how it works, and the forces that influence it. Staring simple allows you to find regular success with something you understand, and make progress as you learn about other opportunities. Once you have established your foundation you can branch out. 

we also offers a big variety of assets:

  • Creation of portfolios in Bitcoin and other digital currencies.
  • Buying, selling, send and receiving Bitcoin and other digital currencies.
  • Safely and securely storing Bitcoins.
  • Receiving notifications when payments are received, such as the ones banks usually offer.
  • Accepting and requesting Bitcoin payments as a merchant.
  • Trust funds alternative, Family accounts, Referrals accounts, Business accounts.
  • Algo-Trading, with BitPairs you can integrate as many trading algorithms to trade for you or ask our team, they will advise with the right one for you.
  • Savings Accounts, not just another passive income but a one that will reach your monthly needs.
  • ETF- Exchange Traded Funds are the next big thing in the digital currency trading industry, from today you can become an investor with a diversified portfolio.


In the last few years, Bitcoin has continuously doubled its value at record-breaking rates, and the main news about the currency is still pointing to huge changes that could lead to further growth. Generating profit from Bitcoin has taken various forms since it became the most popular digital currency in the world. Our experts have worked hard to find the best and most appropriate ways to generate income from Bitcoin.

Mining: Although there are some opinions stating that Bitcoin mining is no longer profitable due to the high cost of electricity for miners and the increasing difficulty rate, mining activities are still being carried out successfully extensively through the use of sophisticated mining equipment.

Mining Pools: The current level of difficulty in the mining of Bitcoin has made it practically impossible in individual cases, therefore joining mining communities is a great way to gain results in a short period of time. Mining pools allow computers to combine and use their resources together, for gaining an equal share of the reward. It is also a good way to encourage small-scale miners to participate in mining activities.

Faucets: For those who do not mind doing easy tasks or solving games, another way to earn a few satoshis (a small fraction of a Bitcoin) is to go on the so-called faucet websites. In general, these sites are earning enough profits through ads on their pages, and they usually ask visitors to solve captchas or answer some questions. In exchange, they will receive a small portion of what the website’s operators earn from these ads.